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Our Process

The Optimum Strategy

Optimum Financial Services, LLC is a client-focused Registered Investment Advisor that strives to truly know our clients and design portfolios that are directed to achieve their future goals. Every account is managed independently from every other account to meet these long-term financial goals.

Optimum Financial Services, LLC seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns principally by making passive and tactical-based decisions among select No-Load and Load-Waived equity mutual funds, ETFs, individual equity securities and cash or money market funds.

Positions are sold or added as market leadership rotates among large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap stocks, and growth and value styles of investing, in both international and domestic areas. Leadership changes because economic conditions change. The process of upgrading steers assets incrementally to those areas of the market demonstrating strength. This strategy relies on observations, rather than predictions, to determine which securities to buy, hold and sell.

Three-Stage Selection Process

Optimum Financial Services, LLC uses a three-stage process when selecting our securities. The first stage represents our market view. This helps answer the question of how invested we want the account to be at any given time. Using three decision factors for each tier (fundamentals, technicals and sentiment), we determine our equity versus cash weighting and how aggressive we want to be with the security positions.

Taking our overall market view, we then move to the second stage to determine which sectors and or styles we want to overweight or underweight. Based on the current market environment, we assess growth versus value, small cap versus large cap, cyclical versus non-cyclicals. To do this we revert back to our three decision factors: fundamentals, technical, and sentiment.

In doing this we determine which sectors are positioned to outperform based on numerous economic indicators. Once the strongest sectors and or styles are chosen we then screen through the stocks that make up those styles and or sectors using a list of definitive criteria.

After funneling each sector into smaller list of companies with the strongest fundamentals we then take a deeper look into the companies to see whether their products or services are truly superior and or gaining market share on the competition. What we’re ultimately doing on a continual basis is finding the best stocks in the areas of the market that we believe have the highest chance of appreciating in the current market environment.