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Custom Portfolio Management

The Optimum Portfolio

At Optimum Financial, our Custom Portfolio Management Strategy always begins with you—the client. Your needs, your risk tolerance and your time horizon serve as our guide.

We begin our engagement by identifying your financial needs and objectives. We then determine an appropriate allocation strategy and create for you a portfolio customized exclusively for you.

As your life changes, so will your portfolio. Ongoing reviews and assessments are necessary to ensure that your investment strategies remain consistent with your individual needs and objectives.

Using your age and goals as markers, we help you discover the most appropriate investments for you—whether you’re young and welcome risk, or need to play it safe for stability or retirement.


For those wishing to mitigate risk, we’ll make strategic recommendations to help you weather volatility and keep funds more liquid.


For those wishing to grow wealth over time, we’ll make strategic recommendations based on the number of years you wish to invest.


For long-term investments, both taxable and non-taxable options will be considered depending on your age and retirement goals.